Q. What can I do to increase the longevity of my cartridge?

A. The following tips should help increase your cartridges' life expectancy:

  • Print at least once a week to insure your cartridge does not clog
  • Run a printhead cleaning cycle every 3 to 6 months, depending on how often you print(if your printer has this feature)
  • Store unused cartridges in an upright position with the sealer tape on

Q. Will using refilled cartridges void my warranty?

A. No, using refilled cartridges will not void your warranty, as Canadian law prohibits this through the Canadian Competition Act.

Q.Why are my cartridges not refillable?

A. Unfortunately, many new cartridges are now equipped with microchips that we are not able to reset. This means that your printer will not acknowledge that the cartridge is full of ink, leaving you unable to print.

Q. I have a refillable cartridge, so why was the refilling unsuccessful?

A. Ink-jet cartridges are not made to withstand multiple refilling. If a refill is unsuccessful it is due to one of the following:

  • Clogged Printhead- The bottom of your cartridge has been out of use for too long, and ink can no longer flow through unobstructed.
  • Deteriorated Sponge- The sponge inside your cartridge has been refilled too many times and can no longer stay saturated.
  • Chip Error - The microchip on your cartridge has shorted, leaving it unable to communicate with the printer.

Q. Will refilled cartridges yield as many pages as brand new cartridges?

A. New cartridges are only filled to about 80% capacity. When we refill cartridges, we make sure to fill them to their full capacity. This means that your refilled cartridges should yield more pages than brand new cartridges.


Q. How many times can my cartridge be refilled?

A. The lifespan of your cartridge depends on the brand, how often you print, and the way you store your cartridges. Below are the refill averages;

  • Brother- indefinitely (until chip failure)
  • Canon (with reset-able chip)- indefinitely (until chip failure)
  • Canon (without reset-able chip)- 3 times
  • HP- 1 to 5 times
  • Epson- indefinitely (until chip failure)
  • Lexmark- 2 to 3 times
  • Dell- 2 or 3 times